waste plastic recycling single shaft shredder

Author:Suny Group

How it works:

The material is fed through the hopper in front of a hydraulically operated drawer,which pushes the to the turning rotor.The material is shredded between the rotor blade and the fixed counter knife.The screen below the cutting zone has perforations whose diameter determines the size of the shreds and can be customized.Equipped with the screen perforation and the optional suction device or spinal conveyor,the shredder can spit the produced shreds automaticlly.

Main features:

a.Precisely processed combined frame made of extra-thick plates;lange-angle,hexagon prism of power slewing axis;big hopper with big caliber for feeding big volum material.

b.Unique hydraulic pushing system accelerates shredding speed.

c.Each rotor blades has four cutting edges and fixed blades two edges enabling reutilization after one edges being abraded.

d.PLC control system with automatic overload protection and auto reverse switch.

e.The shredder can be adjusted by customers' special requirements for throughput volume,material to be processed etc.