Refrigerator and Freezer Disassembling Recycling Line

Author:Suny Group

The first is to manually disassemble refrigerator cabinet and resulting plastic, wire, glass, circuit board. The second is to reclaim refrigerant to ensure it would not pollute atmosphere. The third is to dismantle compressor and condenser. The fourth is to multi-level shred refrigerator body in shredder. In the shredder polyurethane is sucked out by air pump. The fifth is to separate iron by permanent magnet. In the last step aluminum and copper are separated by eddy current. The entire processing Equipment is located in an enclosed workshop. Exhaust gas and dust can be discharged by high pressure positive blower after being processed by activated carbon adsorption and hop-pocket dust extraction.B. Major components and specifications.The equipment is consist of body shredder, urethane foam separator , iron separator, non-ferrous metal separator, urethane foam secondary shredder and packing system, exhaust gas process system, safety system and automatic control system.