ZY-series CE certification strong copper wire crusher

Author:Suny Group

 The features of ZY-series  CE certification strong  copper wire crusher:

A,Widely applicable, can be broken, recycling all kinds of material, the shape of the plastic products.
B,Processing technology mature, enclosure, rest and other important components adopt the overall processing, to ensure the fit precision.
C,Reasonable structure, convenient operation, power saving, durable, practical and economical.
D,Equipped with multiple safety protection devices, to ensure safe operation.
E,Hopper double design, reduce noise.
F,ZY-series  CE certification strong  copper wire crusher is easy to operate, convenient and quick in the edge of the sword; Optimization design tool post, claw knife can spread from strength, make every piece of cutting knife force increase.
G,ZY-series  CE certification strong  copper wire crusher is suitable for crushing thick material, scrap wire and cable, hard material, material class, effectively improve the tool cutting force,To reduce tool wear, fills in sound insulation materials, makes the equipment with good safety and protection, energy saving and durable.
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