The Features and Applications of waste plastic crushing machine

Author:Suny Group

 Features and Applications of waste plastic crushing machine:

1) According to different raw material, the breaker can divided into dry type and humid type. 

2) Fasten the fixing knife on the knife rest, the form of knife-changing and net-changing is adopted the hydraulic assistant way. 

3) Suitable for breaking PE/PP and PET material. 

4) The steel case, the cast steel knife carriage and the alloy knife with the ability of avoiding crushing; 

5) Stage cutting knife, increasing the crack capacity and the efficiency; 

6) Movable sieve, convenient to be assembled and disassembled, easy to cleaned and color-changed.; 

7) The feeding hopper fitted with sound insulation, improving the operation conditions; 

8) The feeding hopper with protect switch, safe to the operator 

9) Special made super powerful cracker, especially for cracking super thick stuff. 

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