Full automatic tire recycling machine used to make rubber powder / granule

Author:Suny Group

The automatic tire recycling line consists of tire cutter → steel wire extractor→ tire shredder→ rubber coarse crusher→ magnetic separator→ vibrating screen1→ fine rubber crusher→ vibrating screen2 → cyclone classifier→ storage bin→ rubber grinder →vibrating screen3→package.

The whole line has the following features:

1, iron/steel removing ratio>99.5%, fiber removing ratio>98%

2,compact structure ensure running safety, easy maintenance;

3,low energy consumption;

4,adopt automatic control system for whole line, reduce labor cost;

5,no sewage and waste gas discharge, environment protection.

6, available capacity range of our tire recycling lines at present: 400~3000kg/h

7, available finial rubber powder size: 30~120mesh.

8, adopts SIEMENS and Chinese famous brand electrical elements.