Can crushing machine property and structure features

Author:Suny Group

Meshing blade, breaking pop cans thoroughly.
Using the special cutting blade and the hardness is not less than HRC55. (The HRC hardness of the files set is 51).sturdy and durable.
Strong structure, densely covered reinforced ribbed slab, ensure tank body strong.
Can providing automatic conveyor for charging.
High capacity, low power consumption, high efficiency, fine grinding discharged evenly.
Low noise, free from contamination, easy to operating and easy maintenance.
Design motor rotating with reduce box.
Equipped with conveyor and charging equipment. 
Can crushing machine has comprehensive controlling button, operation easy and safe
There is safe mark labeled on the machine body to ensure safety operating.
Strength structure, densely and enhanced gusset, which can ensure the strong of the case.
Controlled by the atomized buttons, it is very safe and convenient.Security identifier and mark, which can ensure the safety of the operation.