Used copper cable wire recycling machine

Author:Suny Group

1. Cable recycling equipment developed crusher, muller, centrifuge equipment etc,

2.The equipment adopted a dry broken, crushing, make waste cable, wire and other raw materials into  metal and plastic and Nonmetal mixture by crushing.

3.Then separate the metal and plastic by High-pressure electrostatic separator.

4.Crushing work principle :feeding one time, crush by complete line.conbined with Automatic transmission, sound insulation technology, cooling system, etc

5.this equipment also used Dust removal device include: Cyclone dust removal, bag dust removal and air purifier, dust, effectively resolve the dust pollution problem.

6.The equipment has ittle noise, high yield, strong innovative

7. copper cable separation recycling can keep the original copper quality also can recycle plastic

8. The copper wire recycling machine is used for recycling waste and scrap copper wire and cables to getting the clear copper granular and plastic finally.

9. The material of the waste wire can be telephone wire, household electric wire, automotive wire, and cables, which diameter should be within 25mm.

10. This copper wire recycling machine need no water during the processing only put the waste wire into the feeding mouth, the copper and plastic will be separated by vibrating. The copper purity is 99%.

11. This copper wire recycling machine is overall combination, just need 1-2 workers to operate, and it take a small area.

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