Cable Wire Recycling Machine development tendency

Author:Suny Group

Domestic waste cable recycling industry in recent years has developed rapidly, but using the techniques above processing scrap cable, copper wire only do copper scrap utilization still need to go through the smelting, electrolysis and other processes in order to become the raw material of copper.
Copper meters machine processing of waste cables is a state-of-the-art technology, and applications from the 80s of the last century in the United States and other industrialized countries. Cable wire recycling machine with advanced technology to process waste cable works well, and the waste cable after a series of processing means, you can get pure copper nanoparticles and plastic. Meters of the so-called copper, copper particles, and its quality is equivalent to the quality of copper cathodes, can be directly utilized. Some of China's enterprises are also using copper meters machine processing of waste cables, but basically imitation, poor results. The purity of the key indicators to measure the copper meters machine copper meters, the amount of residual copper in the plastic skin, power consumption, environmental protection, as well as the cost of production. cable wire recycling machine the application is more types of different grades, the main problem is the small-scale, low processing copper meters purity can not be directly used as refined copper, In addition, the residual copper waste plastics, not only copper recoveries reduce, but also reduces the utilization of waste plastics grade, pollute the environment at the same time. The effect of the use of the majority of the cable wire recycling machine is not ideal.
Therefore, energy-efficient cable wire recycling machine occupation opportunities, will become the market mainstream. Energy-efficient copper meters machine is mainly manifested in the no dust no secondary pollution, play a role in protecting the environment; 2. Sets a variety of advanced technology in one, reducing the cost and improve production efficiency, higher economic benefits. Therefore, it can meet the current gap in the market, to meet the market demand.