The use of waste tire rubber powder and reclaimed rubber

Author:Suny Group

A direct molding production sheet
Waste tire rubber powder and reclaimed rubber can be used in the manufacture of machine pads, roadbed mat, cushion and other types of gaskets, and fenders, sound-absorbing materials on the mechanical properties of less demanding low-end products.
Color elastic tiles
Regeneration by cleaning and disinfection processing waste rubber rubber powder rubber particles, repression by the two-tier structure, the underlying base, surface layer coloring, structured and seamless, that are functional, but also decorative, its to overcome the shortcomings of the hard texture of brick, enables users walking or activities, always in a safe and comfortable physical and psychological state, comfortable, relaxed. For the laying of sports venues, better play to the skills of the competitors, but also jump and sports equipment that may be caused by the human body to minimize injury. Laying in the elderly and children's sports, play a good role in the protection of the safety of the elderly and children.
The most important feature: non-slip, shock absorption, wear-resistant, anti-static, sound deadening, sound insulation, moisture barrier, blocking cold, heat insulation, non-reflective, water, fire, non-toxic, non-radioactive, weather resistance, anti-aging, longevity long, easy to clean, easy construction.
Production waterproofing membrane, waterproof coating, waterproof seal materials
Waterproof building materials for waterproofing membrane rubber powder and asphalt, resins and other raw materials mixed performance, manufacturing waterproofing membrane excellent anti-aging properties, has good mechanical resistance, cold flexibility and light stability.
Road laying material
Rubber powder modified asphalt pavement of high-grade highways and runways in developed countries has entered a practical stage, and has been developing rapidly. Because crumb containing antioxidants, which can significantly slow down the aging of the road surface, so that the road having elasticity, reduce noise, the road surface abrasion resistance, water spalling resistance, abrasion life of 2-3 times that of ordinary road, reduce road maintenance costs, while vehicle braking distance is reduced by 25%, and improve security.
For modified asphalt
Rubber powder modified asphalt manufacturing modified bitumen and asphalt, bitumen oil, and cohesion of the binding agent of raw materials blending. Modified asphalt manufacturing resurfacing abrasion resistance, spalling resistance greatly improved wear life of 2 - 3 times the normal roads, reduce road maintenance costs 30 - 50%. According to trial: by 8000 vehicles per day traffic using the 5-year, non-bleached, weak, pushing pro package and cracking phenomenon, and can shorten the braking distance of the vehicle by 25%, can significantly improve traffic safety. Asphalt caulking ointment manufactured with the product effectively improve the softening point of the product, increasing the low temperature elongation.
Sixth, for the modification of plastic
The plastic kneading was added by a certain percentage, can be directly extrusion. The experiment: modified plastic mixing and extrusion process to improve performance; product of the applicable performance greatly improved.
Used in the construction of a plastic sports venues, runway, artificial turf. Dosage in exponentially growing.
For oilfield plugging solid wall Practical and other bond classes, aggregate-based raw materials combined with good performance.
Nine for Railway Road, rail add
Concrete prefabricated blender before adding a certain proportion required to add all kinds of high-grade uses concrete products, direct casting. At present, the purpose is the manufacture of train rails, special occasions, the base of the wall, special occasions.
10, highway caulk
The high-grade highways caulk special rubber powder and asphalt, asphalt oil, packing and coagulants, whether dry, wet blending good bonding, full fill the gap filled with the products, water resistance, spalling resistance greatly improved tear resistance of winter and summer thaw resistance performance increased by 40%.
11 for footwear soles of rubber powder manufacturing, added to by a certain percentage, used to suppress the direct mixing all kinds of soles. Experiments: crumb rubber added, the rubber soles physical performance with and without crumb rubber is very close; rubber mixing and suppress extrusion process to improve performance; reduce the cost of raw materials; finished soles made by the relevant performance test, are in line with national standards.
12., Waste rubber powder and waste plastic powder mixed to create new environmentally friendly thermoplastic elastomer.
New environmentally friendly thermoplastic rubber and plastic elastomer particles, its low cost (more than two-thirds of the native rubber and plastic elastomer particles reduce the cost of raw materials), easy to process, thermoplastic. Shore hardness, elongation at break, breaking the tension, strength, cold and other indicators can be adjusted at will according to customer use for the soles, elastic rubber and plastic floor tiles, rubber pipes in all areas of the application of the original thermoplastic rubber and plastic elastomer.