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Waste tire recycling machine system equipment

Author:Suny Group

Waste tire recycling machine system equipment,Waste tyre recycling machine system equipment is used for processing waste tires recycling again, our company provide two kinds of recycling schemes, the first kind, physical recycling method, the second, rubber tire pyrolysis plant, the two are currently using a wide range of recycling method, can put the waste tyres recycling, and no pollution to the environment.

Physical recycling method

Waste tire recycling machine system equipment,This solution recycling mainly through cut the tyres for separation of flour, and then through the separator to rubber powder and metal separation, get pure rubber powder, the material can be directly selling profit, the recovery rate is as high as 99% this way at present.

Tire pyrolysis plant

Waste tire recycling machine system equipment,This is through the tires for heat treatment, pyrolysis of oil and other energy can be obtained after can watch our relevant section for more information.

Above is for tyre recycling plan made simple introduction, the specific kind of recycling schemes according to the actual related situation, if you are interested in our products can give us a message or contact us.

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