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Waste plastic single shaft shredder machine

Author:Suny Group

Waste plastic single shaft shredder machine,By extruding and single shaft shredder machine working process, the material, the shear strength is big, low noise, intelligent control, etc. Intelligence and blades rotate in opposite directions, when faced with too much material, the material is too big or too high hardness, blade can automatically rotate in the opposite direction, effectively protect the machine and motion.

Waste plastic single shaft shredder machine features:

1.Advanced structure and drive design, strong crushing capacity

2.High and steady quality, long duration

3.Program control, over-load protection, automatic reset

Waste plastic single shaft shredder machine Treatment objects:

Applicable to Plastic containers/crate, Timber, Aluminum profile, Home Appliance, Plastic film (LDPE agriculture film/ PP woven bags), etc

Above is a simple introduction about the machine, mainly introduces its features and the practical materials, if you are interested in our products or want to know more information you can contact us.

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