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The Pyrolysis plant about waste tire,rubber,and plastic

Author:Suny Group

The Pyrolysis plant about waste tire,rubber,and plastic,The waste rubber Pyrolysis plant is applicable to the main function of waste rubber tyre recycling, is obtained from pyrolysis oil and other products, is currently the tyre recycling a way, the way of green environmental protection, there would be no waste gas discharge, with high efficiency, energy saving, large capacity, convenient installation, the characteristics of environmental protection.

Devices can make use of waste/used rubber tires, industrial mixed waste plastics, waste oil, such as: waste diesel oil, engine oil and other residue oil, waste cable skin (should dechlorination treatment), waste oil, and so on.

The Pyrolysis plant about waste tire,rubber,and plastic working principle:

In the process of refining oil, after the gas is heated up to 150 ℃, it will produce a large amount of unliquefied gas-CH4& C4H8 , which cant be formed at normal temperature, normal pressure. If those gases have been fully burning by the specific designed gas nozzle, they can produce a great amount of energy and economize resources.

Take the bunker coal as the example, when there is no fuel gas as combustion-supporting for the equipment, every 24 hours need 1.2 tons coals. After the fuel gas aid combustion, every 24 hour need 0.3 tons coal, which enhances production efficiency in the large scale and reduced the fuel cost.

The Pyrolysis plant about waste tire,rubber,and plastic,Tire pyrolysis scheme contains a variety of machines, more than simply introduces its working principle, if you are interested in our products or want to know more information, you can contact us or leave a message to us.

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