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High purity waste printed circuit board (PCB) recycling line

Author:Suny Group

High purity waste printed circuit board (PCB) recycling line,Printed circuit board (PCB) recycling line has the advantages of unique structure large output and power saving. Several machines cooperate to work after single loading of materials. Controlled by PLC This machine has good performance in copper recycling and comes with a device to prevent against secondary pollution The copper recycling rate is up to 99% .

The waste circuit board is grinded into mixture of metal and resin fiber, followed by being separated with the pneumatic and electro is equipped at the end of pneumatic separating process to effectively solve the problem of dust pollution.

High purity waste printed circuit board (PCB) recycling line description:

1.Specialized crusher machine: this equipment is widely used in crushing different kinds of PCB boards , keep long span ,continious working 24 hours.

2.Electrostatic separator machine: analyzed metal and less resin powder will be lifted to vibrating screen. then high voltage electrostatic separator. the metal recycling rate 99% .

High purity waste printed circuit board (PCB) recycling line Range of application:

All kinds of PCB boards, circuit boards,over left of pcb boards,TV boards,coated copper and resin pcb boards,cell phone boards.the condition is that: customer raw material should be Contains electronic waste .we can assure customer rate of recycling metal is up to 99%.

This paper mainly introduces the application range of the Printed circuit board (PCB) recycling line and basic description, if you are interested in our products or want to know more parameters information can contact us or leave a message to us.

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