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E-Waste Recycling Plan Waste Printed Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Author:Suny Group

E-Waste Recycling Plan Waste Printed Circuit Board Recycling Machine,Waste Printed Circuit Board Recycling Machine for all kinds of circuit boards and PCB, copper clad have obvious separation effect. Non-ferrous metal resources recycling has a great social benefits and nonmetal resources to recycle at the same time, reasonably. All kinds of waste circuit board, base plate, copper clad belongs to the world recognized and e-waste recycling value is very big, because there are dozens of metal elements in it, and there is no lack of rare metals such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, etc, if these materials can be recycled effectively recycling, no doubt than pick up metal from the ore has huge economic yield gap but also support from the government and the society.

E-Waste Recycling Plan Waste Printed Circuit Board Recycling Machine Applicable scope:

All kinds of waste circuit board, computer boards, TV board, aluminum-plastic plate, copper plate, printed circuit board and waste electrical appliances, televisions, refrigerators, old computer scrap, waste air conditioning and other mechanical dismantling crushing recycling waste materials.

E-Waste Recycling Plan Waste Printed Circuit Board Recycling Machine Features:

1. With the circuit board mill mechanical crushing, new technology of high voltage electrostatic separation. After disassemble, crush, dissociative metal and nonmetal material separation, high purity.

2. The key technology is to all kinds of waste circuit board is the special equipment to smash dissociation of organic union, in the process of production to achieve greater energy saving effect, and realize the high metal separation rate.

3. The comprehensive performance is good, the computer board, computer boards, TV board and other circuit board has a unique effect.

4. To reduce power consumption, and no noise, less artificial high automation procedures, improve efficiency, covers an area of less at the same time.

Electronic waste as resources, contains many precious resources, for electronic waste reuse, recycling is important to solve the problem of resource shortage and environmental pollution, etc. By raising the utilization rate of resources and waste, give full play to the role of all kinds of waste resources, including electronic waste.

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